Michigan State University Register Built Environment Showcase Today and Tomorrow

The Built Environment Showcase – Today and Tomorrow (BESTT)

Huntington Club (formerly the Spartan Club),
4th Floor, Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, MI

Download Presentation

The Hot Topic presentation by Gary Heidel and Mark Wyckoff on “Placemaking and Its Effects on the Built Environment” is now available for download.

BESTT Follow-Up

A Summary of the BESTT Events is now available for download.

BESTT Overview

The Built Environment Showcase- Today and Tomorrow (BESTT), hosted by the Michigan State University (MSU) School of Planning, Design, and Construction (SPDC), will be Thursday, October 25, 2012.  This unique event is designed to bring together the industries and professions that create the Built Environment to:

  • Showcase the impact of the Built Environment Sector on Michigan and the U.S. economies.
  • Create opportunity for interaction between Built Environment creators.
  • Explore new public/private partnerships.

Just What is the Built Environment, and Why are Those Who Create It So Important to Its Economic Vitality?

The Built Environment provides the setting for human activity, including buildings, parks, green space, neighborhoods, cities and supporting infrastructure. It is created via planning, design, construction, real estate, redevelopment, maintenance and energy. Few realize what an impact this dynamic economic sector has. In Michigan, the Built Environment Sector:

  • Provides more than 370,000 jobs in more than 60,000 firms.
  • Generates more than $103 billion in direct revenues.

Why is SPDC Hosting BESTT?

As the “Pioneer Land Grant University,” MSU is positioned to facilitate conversations between different sectors of the Built Environment, and to act as a catalyst in the creation of public/private partnerships that have the potential to increase economic growth and development. Why is this important? The industries and professions that create the Built Environment rarely interact with each other. This has resulted in inefficiencies such as:

  • Cost and time delays;
  • Adversarial relations; and
  • Slow diffusion of innovations.

By bringing together the Built Environment creators, a goal of BESTT is to provide the opportunity for the sharing of ideas between these different sectors that could lead to potential public/private partnerships, the resolution of current issues and the creation new visions for the future. To begin this effort, SPDC is hosting BESTT to showcase the top industries in Michigan’s Built Environment sector, and also present an informational session on placemaking and its effects on the Built Environment. It will feature a Forum of industry and state leaders, and the public to discuss the current and future status of Built Environment sector in Michigan.